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Bedroom Wall Murals

Bedrooms make for great interior mural candidates!

Personalize Your Bedroom Space

Many individuals will go to great lengths to personalize their bedroom space, but you can truly make it your own with a curated mural design.

Tie Together Your Room Decorations

If you already have a bed spread, curtains and other decorations in your bedroom selected, a custom wall mural can be a great way to pull everything in your room together.

Kiss That Boring Bedroom Good-bye!

A bedroom wall mural is a guaranteed way to make your room unique and memorable. You won't have to worry about anyone thinking your space is plain or boring!


Brighten up your living space

Bedrooms are one of my favorite interior spaces to paint because I moved around a decent amount when I was younger and I always got excited about getting a new room and decorating the space perfectly for me.


It was my little oasis. 

I love getting to know who will be living in the space during the design process. The ideal bedroom mural really depends on who will be using the space - whether it's an adult, teenager, child or rental property!

Mural designs for exterior walls in three easy steps


Submit Contact Form

Use the button below to be redirected to my request for proposal form.


The information on this form will help me understand your specific bedroom wall mural needs. Don't worry if you're unsure of exactly what you want.


Once you've identified the mural space we can work together to find something that speaks to you. Once you've submitted this form, I'll reach out directly.


Discuss Your Mural

Step two is setting up an in person or virtual meeting to discuss your bedroom mural. Here we'll discuss design, budget and project timeline. 

Assuming the wall mural project is a good fit and within budget I'll work on my initial mural mock up.

Once we come to an agreement on design, budget and mural timeline the client will be required to place a 25% deposit to secure the date and cover up front expenses.



Once your date arrives it's time to get started on your hand painted interior wall mural.

Mural painting typical occurs during normal business hours so be mindful that your space won't be accessible during this time.

If your wall mural space requires any special preparation please do so in advance or mention when discussing the project. 

That's it! Sit back and watch your hand painted wall mural design come to life!

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